A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Manchester Badminton Development, starts 18 June 2014

"Schools Together" is a multi agency sporting day for year 6 pupils organised by Greater Manchester Police.

The event has run successfully for the last 5 years in Moss Side and Hulme and this year is being expanded to Ardwick, Longsight and Rusholme. There will be over 150 year 6 kids (aged 10/11) on each day and volunteers are needed to act as team coordinator and assist the coaches in the delivery of a number of different activities on the day.

Weds 18th June Manchester Academy
Thurs 19th June Manchester Academy
Weds 25th June Nicols College
Thurs 26th June Nicols College

Time 9am – 3.30pm

Great fun day

Volunteers are asked to wear plain sports clothes on the day.

Once the closing date has passed, the Police will contact each volunteer to confirm your place.

Please note due to this being a popular event places will be given on a first come first served basis.

Placement offered by Manchester Badminton Development

Contact – Kate Holland

Phone – 0161 219 2934

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Manchester City Football Club, starts 19 May 2014

Volunteers will be needed throughout the day for a number of different things.

These being the following:
. Setting up/taking down equipment
. Refereeing and officiating matches
. Score running and updating league tables

Placement offered by Manchester City Football Club

Contact – Paul McCoy

Phone – 0161 438 7830

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Lancashire County Cricket Club Foundation, starts 17 May 2014

To provide and assist activity’s in the family area to attendees on T20 games. These will include, – Set up gazebos
– set up activities in the Family Area
– Run Activities and keep a record of Winners
– Bucket Collections
– Steward/First Point of Contact
(Activities will be, Bash Lanky, Steady hand buzzer game, Ring the Hook, Reaction Game, Scalectrix, Guess the Number)

Placement offered by Lancashire County Cricket Club Foundation

Contact – Kay Floyd

Phone – 0161 868 6859

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Walk the Plank, starts 22 June 2014

Opportunity: Volunteer for Manchester Day
On Sunday 22 June, tens of thousands of people will fill the streets of Manchester when one of the North West’s flagship summer events takes place. Manchester Day is created by the people of Manchester, commissioned by Manchester City Council and produced by Walk the Plank, and we’re looking for enthusiastic people to play a key role in helping us bring the streets of this vibrant city to life with an incredible spectacle of music, colour and performance.

Volunteer roles on the day (Sunday 22 June 2014)

There are two ways you can get involved:

Communication support
The key part we need you to play is sharing the Manchester Day programme with the audience – this will involve giving out the free Manchester Day programmes and answering any queries people have about the day. This is a vital part of the event so that everyone knows what’s happening, when and where. You’ll be the public face of Manchester Day so we need people who enjoy interacting with others The atmosphere will be very upbeat, you’ll have a great time helping out and you will receive a briefing prior to the event so you have all the information you need to be able to carry out your role.

Creative Support on the day of the parade
We need people to help set up the parade at its start point in Manchester’s Castlefield. You’ll play a vital part in on-the-day preparation and delivery, helping groups with floats and accessories and directing participants to their positions. You’ll then get chance to be part of the parade itself, acting as an info point for participants, distributing water and sunscreen, or even carrying banners, flags and props.

How to apply
Register your interest and find out about more opportunities by completing our online volunteering form: http://themanchesterdayparade.co.uk/join-in/volunteer/

If you do not have internet access or you would like more information, please contact Sarah Harris on T: 0161 736 8964.

Placement offered by Walk the Plank

Contact – Sarah Harris

Phone – 0161 736 8964

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Broughton Park FC (Rugby Union), starts 03 May 2014

The Pitch Managers Role is to: –
1) Assist at Registration.
2) Control the Inner Pitch areas.
3) Keep the Matches on Schedule. Teams do not want to be hanging around for any longer than they need to and so this is a crucial aspect of the role.
4) We kick-off at 9.50am on the Saturday and 10.30am on the Sunday, and so Pitch Managers need to be on their pitches in good time to make sure that the first teams on are ready along with the referee.
5) Deal with any queries from team coaches – Pitch Managers must know the laws of the game at the age group they are managing. If there are any questions they feel unable to deal with, please contact – a) Gillian Harrison & Philipa Ranson BPFC 07837-899086
b) John Wroe, Breakaway Tours – 07951 683143.

6) Keep the scores. Regularly feed the scoring information to the Admin Office. Constantly keep the Public Score Sheets up to date. 7) Liaise with the Presenters and PA to keep teams and the public informed. 8) Make the presentations at the end of play on the Sunday.

For more information please contact MRS GILLIAN HARRISON Tel: 0161 861 0854 Email: operations.manager@broughton-park.org.uk or MR ALAN BRAMHALL Tel: 07768-283366

Placement offered by Broughton Park FC (Rugby Union)

Contact – Gillian Harrison

Phone – 01616133118

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Manchester Day Parade, starts 22 June 2014

Would you be interested in getting involved in this years event bringing together are the neighbourhoods of East Manchester celebrating the area on a global stage for sporting success and participation.

A parade will take place Sunday 22nd June, assemble approximately 10.30am and finish mid afternoon, 2ish these times will be firmed up nearer to the time.

Prior to the event there will be a measuring up workshop just to ensure we can produce eye catching and inspiring costumes to reflect a particular sport, this is event is about participating and performing but don’t worry we’re not looking for people to sing and dance unless of course you are singers and dancers!

You can get as involved into the Manchester day as you wish but we do need a firm commitment by Sunday 13th April, sorry for such a short deadline but this is needed to establish number for funding purposes.

We are hoping to attract creative input from participants as to what wild and wacky creations we can put together to reflect sport such as football, cycling, athletics and tennis etc. The bigger and bolder the better!

If you want to be part of this unique Mancunian experience, then please sign up today!!!

For more information then please contact Heath Cole on 0161 230 1320

Placement offered by Manchester Day Parade

Contact – Craig Abel / Heath Cole

Phone – 0161 219 2542

A new opportunity has been added to Manchester VSB by Creative Curve, starts 12 May 2014

To introduce diverse women to fun basic active lifestyle activities as a way of confidence building, team building and to encourage them to use their local park – Crowcroft Park.

Mature volunteers will be welcome to apply.

Experience of working with diverse/BME communities would be beneficial. Once we have recruited 2 volunteers the post will be closed.

We would be interested in Volunteers developing their own sessions plans for these activities which need to be fun and informal.

There are ten sessions, of 2 hrs with 1.5 hours taken up with sewing to bring the women together, share skills and develop informal networks whilst making a sports or baby bag – the final 30 minuets will be for activities in the park.

Basic first aid skills would also be welcome.

Placement offered by Creative Curve

Contact – Charlotte Newson

Phone – 07729028534