The Color Run

We need a range of volunteers to help us run this fun event!
Volunteers are at the heart of our event and your hard work and smiling faces makes this The Happiest 5k on the Planet.
– Pre-Race Morning 12.30-7pm: you will help all of our color runners find their way to The Color Run and get them excited about what awaits..!

General Helpers 2-7pm: you guys are agreeing to arrive 2 hours before the race and go wherever you are most needed. You are amazing. Like super hero kind of amazing.

Course Marshalls 2-7pm: you want to watch everyone run around covered in color and cheer them on. You will make sure nobody gets lost. You are a very important person.

Color Zone 2-7pm: you are agreeing to working in one of our four on-course color zones. You will receive specific instruction. You will get really dirty. And you will look glorious when it”s all over.

All volunteers will receive t-shirts, snacks, drinks, up to £20 of travel expenses, a really great day out and as it”s an afternoon start, volunteers get a lie in!

4 thoughts on “The Color Run

    • Hi Sophia, Please log in to your profile at and search for the Color Run event and ‘Sign Up’. If you could do this asap as the event sign up will close next week.

      Once you have signed up, the event coordinator will contact you with further details.

      Look forward to seeing you at the event on Sunday 21st July.

  1. I volunteered for this event the other day. I contacted the event coordinator directly instead of signing up using this website. Is there any way I can log the hours onto my profile?

    • Hi Valerie,

      Unfortunately you can only log hours via the website if the opportunity has been accepted via the VSB.

      However, I can add your hours for you if you let me know how many hours you completed.

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